Innovate & Automate: A Conference Dedicated to Innovation • Thursday, September 17, 2020, 8:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Keynote Speakers

John T. Bartucci
Vice President / GM, Connected Products SBU, The Master Lock Company

 John Bartucci is the Vice President and General Manager of the Connected Products SBU at The Master Lock Company. Since 2011 John has been a servant leader relentlessly driving this now ninety nine year old manufacturing company into digital transformation with a series of successful electronic access control product launches over the past eight years.

As a leader with deep roots in technology, John is passionate about connecting customer needs with innovative and intuitive technology solutions and is responsible for serving markets and industries including real estate, facilities management and operations, telecommunications and education institutions. Over his tenure at Master Lock John has instilled a cultural DNA of rapid customer first support and fail fast but succeed faster to create a nimble and highly responsive team.

John’s Session: From Padlocks to IOT: Master Lock’s Keys to Digital Transformation 

This presentation walks the audience through the critical building blocks used to evolve from a purely mechanical product focus only, to digital products and software in the cloud. Highlighting key strategic decisions along the way, brand alignment, solving customer service problems, and hiring strategy. In addition, it’s one thing to build a technical solution, it’s quite another to market it, sell it and support it. We’ll talk through some of the challenges we’ve overcome and challenges we’re in the midst of facing and solving. Finally, we’ll conclude with a critical testing strategy we adopted early on which has been a god send to our entire process and the critical testing methods we utilize to bring the system to market.


Oliver Buechse
CEO, Advancing Digital
Oliver Buechse is the CEO of Advancing Digital, providing education and consulting services on Navigating Digital Transformation.  Advancing Digital is an evolution of Advancing AI Wisconsin which he co-founded and led from 2017-2019.

Oliver also serves as Executive in Residence – Digital Transformation at the Cofrin School of Business at UW Green Bay (starting February of 2020).  He further teaches the MBA course “Waves of Disruption” at St. Norbert College and has been featured keynote speaker throughout the State on the topic of Artificial Intelligence and other disruptive trends.

Oliver originally learned the strategy business in Germany, Austria and California during his time with McKinsey & Company and subsequently as SVP of Strategy for Union Bank and Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group.  He came to Wisconsin in 2010 as Chief Strategy Officer for Associated Bank.

He is a Board member of the Wisconsin Bankers Foundation and in this role has helped build the first online marketplace for Financial Education –  He is a founding Board member of FINN, the Forum for Innovation, driving improvements to the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Northeast Wisconsin, a director emeritus of New North and an active member of the New North Business Intelligence Committee.

Oliver holds a PhD in Economic Psychology from Alpen Adria University in Klagenfurt/Austria.  He lives in De Pere with his wife and three of his four sons.

Oliver’s Session: The Digital Transformation of Wisconsin starts with You!

We are entering the era of the Great Transformation, a time in which technologies will reshape our lives, careers and industries. It is important that we all understand what these technologies are and how they will unfold their impact. This keynote will provide an overview of the latest trends and projections. Even more important however, is that we start developing plans how to master these new challenges. What can and should you do as an individual, as a leader, as a team, and as an organization? Learn about thought provoking and action inspiring examples and get ready to chart your own course.

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